I Can’t Imagine My Life Without My Kid

A couple of days after giving birth to my son a close friend of mine asked me, “Can you imagine your life without your kid?”  I replied to her, “Absolutely!”  It had only been a couple of days and all that I had known previously to that was my life sans kid.  I didn’t know what life was going to be like with a kid and for the first couple of days that I had him the full impact of having a baby didn’t really hit me.  Now fast forward two years and I find myself saying, “I can’t imagine my life without my son.”  I know that this is just a saying that means that you can’t imagine having a life without your little one, but now I find that there is some truth in that saying because I have a hard time remembering what my life was like before him.  Of course, I remember my youthful days and some big events that happened in my life prior to him, but when I try to think about what my daily life was like when it was just my husband and me I have a hard time remembering!  What did my husband and I do all of the time?  Now my days are filled with taking care of my little one and I treasure any of the free time that I get to myself.  I have no idea what I did with my free time when I was not a mom.  I also wonder how my life was fulfilling when I didn’t have my son in it?  I am ALWAYS in awe of him and there are so many times in one day that I just look at him and think about how much I love that kid and how lucky I am that he is in my life.  I really can’t imagine having him not be a part of my life.

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