Home Birth Story

I am so thrilled and excited that I got to have my home birth!  Below is the birth story of my second child.

Here is the short version:


-Water starts leaking around 10:30am, but not sure if it is my water.  Keeps leaking all day long.

-7pm have bloody show & call midwife to let her know.  No real contractions at this point

-8-10pm having some irregular contractions

-11pm-3am-Contractions start coming and are coming more regular and I am timing them.  At 3am we call my doula, midwife, and sister-in-law to come to the house

-4:15-4:30-midwife checks me and I am only 3cm 😦  Contractions are strong and very frequent

-5:30-go outside to try to go on a walk.  Have three big contractions.  The last two my body starts pushing on it’s own.  My doula recognizes that I am pushing (I think that I am probably pushing on my cervix) and gets us back inside

-Walk inside the door and have another contraction with a HUGE push.  This time I realize that the baby has come down.  I start pulling off my pants.  Midwife comes and looks and says that the baby is right there and tells me to get on my hands and knees and start panting (the panting was to slow down the delivery)

-My midwife and her assistant get pads underneath me and tell me to push.  One push the head comes out, next push the shoulders are out, third push the rest of the baby comes out.  My husband “catches” the baby and hands him up to me, where I look and see that I had a BOY!

-Baby was born 10/12/10 at 5:44 am (I went from 3cm to pushing in under 1 1/2 hours!).  He weighed 7lbs 6 oz and 21″ long.  I had him in the foyer of our house and was very thankful that I did not have him outside on the sidewalk!

-The recovery was very easy and faster than my previous hospital birth.  The post partum care was amazing!

Here is the long version, if you have time!

My due date was 10/20/10 and with my first son my water broke on my due date and I had him the following day.  I assumed that this would probably be the same with this baby, but I was wrong.

On Monday 10/11 I went to the park with my son to attend a play date we were having with a couple of other moms.  We let the kids go play and the moms sat on the benches.  When we were sitting on the benches I noticed that I kept having a “leaking” sensation.  It wasn’t much and I wasn’t sure if it was my water leaking, me peeing on myself, or just a lot of discharge.  Since it wasn’t very much I decided that I would just ignore it for the time being, but I had this gut feeling that it was my water leaking.  The leaking wouldn’t happen very often and it was only when I was sitting and it would just be a little that would come out.  With my first son my water broke and came out in gushes, so I wasn’t sure about this one.  The whole day went by with my obsessing about what was going on and wondering what was happening and if I would be having this baby soon.  I went on a walk around 4pm and when I was walking I started having some leaking and this was the first time it happened when I was not sitting.  I talked to my husband about the situation and wondered if I should call my midwife.  I decided that I would call the office, but they were closed so I decided that I would just call her in the morning to let her know what was going on.  That night we were having dinner and I felt some leaking and went to the bathroom and when I wiped I noticed that there was blood.  I knew that this probably meant that my body was getting ready for labor.  I called my midwife around 7pm and she said that it sounded like my water was leaking and that if nothing happened tonight that I needed to go into her office tomorrow morning so that I could get checked out.  At this time I wasn’t having any contractions.  I was having a couple of period like cramps, but they were so irregular and something that I had been having for awhile.

Around 10pm my contractions started!  They were all in my lower belly and they would work up to a peak and then go away.  They were only about 30 seconds long and were irregular.  During this time I downloaded an iPhone app to time the contractions (love the free apps for this kind of stuff!).  I just went about the night and my husband and I talked about the possibility of us having the baby really soon.  A little after 11pm we decided to go to bed and I was going to try and get some sleep.  I put on my Hypnobabies to help relax me, but I don’t know how much that actually worked.  During this time I just laid in bed and timed my contractions.  They were now 45-60 seconds long and were every five minutes.  I would try and rest between them, but from the excitement and nervousness I couldn’t sleep.  The contractions kept getting a little stronger and closer together.

Around 2am I told my husband that I couldn’t lay in bed anymore.  We both got up and went out to the living room.  I tried sitting on an exercise ball to help me, but that position didn’t feel comfortable.  By this point my contractions were 60 seconds long and 3-4 minutes apart.  The position that worked best for my comfort was to be on all fours and to sway my hips back and forth during the contraction.  At 3am the contractions were getting stronger and I wasn’t able to talk through them because I had to just focus on getting through them.  It was at this time that I asked my husband to please call my doula, midwife, and sister-in-law.

My doula arrived around 3:30 and she was the one that was massaging my back and helping me get into better positions during the contractions.  My husband was watching my son during this time because my son couldn’t sleep.  I had decided that I wanted to go and get in the shower because I thought that the warm water would feel good.  I got in the shower and was in there for a bit (it felt okay to be in there) My sister-in-law arrived to take care of my son and then the midwife arrived.  The midwife wanted me to get out of the shower so that she could check me.  I managed to get out, dried off, and hobbled over to the bed.  She checked me around 4:15 (the time here is a little bit hazy) and lifted her hands up to form a circle and said, “you are this dilated.”  I didn’t know how much that was, but it definitely wasn’t very much.  I then heard her tell my husband that I was only 3cms dilated.  My thought was, “What?  I am only 3cms!”  The contractions were about three minutes apart and feeling really strong and I for sure thought that I should be at a seven!  You hear of many women being a three before they go into labor.  I figured that it would be a long night and morning for me!  During the time that I was being checked the midwife asked my husband to fill up the birthing pool with water to get it ready.  When he was doing this the hose fell out of the tub and got our floor a little wet 🙂

After my midwife checked me, she told the doula and my husband that I needed to go for a half hour walk.  She said that the walk would help open my cervix up and get the baby in a good position.  She wanted my hair to be blown dry and for me to put on pants and a jacket.  I only made it about 20 steps out of my room and I had to stop and lean on a bench because I was having a strong contraction.  It was there that my hair was dried a little bit.  I stayed here for awhile because the contractions were one right after the other.  While I was having the contractions the midwife was telling me that I needed to control my breathing so that the baby wouldn’t be stressed out.  I made a conscious effort after that to try and control my breathing during a contraction.  My midwife also told me to imagine my cervix like a flower and see it opening up and to tell my cervix to open up (in my head I was telling my cervix to open up).    My midwife kept saying that we needed to go on a walk, but I was having a hard time walking out of my house because the contractions just kept coming.

I managed to make it to my foyer when I had another series of contractions.  I remember just looking at the tile on the floor and concentrating on those during the contractions.  At this time I got some pants and shoes on.  We make it outside at about 5:30am and we get about 10 steps out and I have a contraction.  I do the middle school dance move (arms around my husband’s neck and his arms around my waist while we sway) to help with the contraction.  When that one is done we walk down to the sidewalk.  I have another contraction and start “the dance” with my husband.  This time around my body just starts pushing by itself and I let out a grunt.  In my head I am thinking that I must be pushing on my cervix that isn’t all the way open and I am probably damaging it, but I can’t control the pushing.  Once that one is over we walk to the end of our property (about 10 more steps) and I have another contraction.  This contraction I push again.  The push was a little bit stronger and the grunt was louder.  My doula asks me if I am pushing and I tell her that I am.  She says that we have to get in the house right now.

I hobble into our house and make it in just a few feet when I have another contraction.  This one I have a HUGE push!  I grunt really loud and this time I feel that the baby has come down.  My doula has gone to get my midwife who is in our bedroom, where I had planned to have my water birth.  After that push I am trying to get my pants off.  As they are coming off there is a lot of “birthing stuff” (as my husband liked to call it!) in them and we know that delivery is probably right around the corner.  My midwife gets to me and checks me and says, “the baby is right there!  Get on your hands and knees and start panting.”  I got on my hands and knees, but I thought that she said “handing” and I had no idea what that was and was a little confused.  After she repeated herself I realized that she wanted me to pant to slow down my body from pushing.  While I was panting my midwife’s assistant went and got some pads and put them under me.  Once the pads were under me I was given the okay to start pushing.

I pushed once and the head came out, I pushed another time and the shoulders came out, and the third push at 5:44 am the rest of the body came out.  My husband “caught” our baby and handed the baby up to me through my legs.  I grabbed our baby and the first thing I see is the face and think that the baby looks a lot like my first son and has my husband’s nose.  Then I look to see if we had a boy or a girl and we had our second BOY!  They gather up the pads and wrap them around my lower body and we walk to the bedroom where I get checked out and I deliver the placenta.  Speaking of the placenta they brought it out on a platter type thing and showed it to us and described all of it to us, which was really cool to have done!

So, that is my birth story.  I had really hoped that I would get to have a water birth, but it was kind of exciting having him in our foyer.  I am just grateful that I didn’t have him outside in my pants!  I never knew when I was in transition because the contractions were not “out of this world” and how I expected them to be from all of the stories that I heard.  At one point my midwife told me that the contractions wouldn’t get any more intense, but they would come more frequently and I completely agree.  Before going into labor I was nervous about the pain, but it was very manageable and not as strong as I expected them to be.  I know that every labor is different, but I think that if you go into labor knowing that you have to deliver naturally you just get through it.  The labor and delivery of this son was so much easier and faster than with my other son.  The recovery was amazing too and I felt great afterwards.  I am proud of myself for having a natural childbirth because there were many times during the pregnancy where I doubted if I could do it.

Oh, one last tidbit.  I am a quiet person and I was told afterward by my doula and midwife that it was really hard for them to determine visually where I was in my progress because I didn’t make a sound and was so quiet.  They said that they couldn’t tell when I was or was not having a contraction.  I thought that it was obvious because I thought that my breathing was out of control and I would have to stop and lean over something and sway my hips.  They told me that my breathing wasn’t bad at all and that even when I was swaying they didn’t know if I was contracting then or not.  I was told that my labor and delivery was one that you would hope every woman would have because it went so smoothly and I handled it wonderfully.

3 responses to “Home Birth Story

  1. Amazing story, Heather! I hope to have a birth like this one day. Thanks for being a great example and inspiration. Congratulations!

  2. Wow!!! Suh an amazing story! rought tears to my eyes! an’t wait to meet little Anderson! And gie him and Nathan kisses!

  3. What an amazing story! You are an inspiration, Heather! Yay for you!

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