New Year, New Resolutions

I have some resolutions for this year that have been floating around in my brain and I feel like I need to get them down on paper (well, the internet actually) so that they will leave my brain alone :).  I kind of don’t like the fact that I am starting resolutions on New Years because it is very cliche’ to do so, but it seems like a perfect start for me!

1-To start eating healthier.  November and December were a food feast for this hungry girl!  I ate a lot and had a ton of sweets!  I just love this food so much and since it only comes around at the end of the year my brain tells me that I have to eat as much as I can even if my stomach no longer has any capacity for this food.  I was also baking like crazy and hosted a cookie exchange party at my house.  Did I mention that one of my Christmas presents is a whole tub of Mexican Wedding Cookies that I am able to devour (along with the help of my hubby) in less than a week?  It was bad.  In 2009 I lost 20 lbs after reaching my heaviest weight and I was feeling great!  I then got pregnant, but I still felt really good about everything.  After I had the baby I got within five pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and that has slowly crept up.  I gained an additional two pounds just during the holidays (I guess that isn’t so bad with all of my gluttonous behavior).  I am now 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m not liking it.  The part that I like the least is that I can barely button up my too tight pants!  You can definitely tell when you have gained weight; the pants and tops don’t fit like they used to.

I knew that I had to start eating better, but I wasn’t about to set myself up for failure during the holidays, so I decided that in January I would start eating better.  Part of that is starting to track calories again.  I found that this really helped me lose the weight the first time around and it is very eye opening to see how much you are eating in a day and how many calories are in stuff.  Of course, I am also trying to eat healthy because it would be silly to cut down on my calories, but load up on HFCS, preservatives, additives, and other really processed food.  Last time I used the site The Best Life (Oprah’s guy) because they plan out meals for you each day (there is a yearly or monthly registration fee).  I really needed the site at the time, but this time around I don’t feel like I do.  Since I am not using the other site I decided that I needed somewhere else to track my calories and I found this GREAT site My Fitness Pal!  My Fitness Pal is awesome!  The database is huge and they have everything Trader Joe’s in there (TJ’s is my favorite store and where I do almost all of my grocery shopping).  They even have an app and from the app you can scan a barcode and the information of the food item will come up!  That is completely rad (yes, I just used that word)!

This is my first week tracking my calories and it is going a lot smoother than I anticipated because the site that I am using is very user friendly.  I also now find that I am not always looking in the fridge or getting crackers out to eat them because I know that I will have to count them in my calories consumed, which I don’t want to do.  I think that I will have no problem staying on this track.

2-Start Exercising Again.  There is a three parter to this one.

1-Start Weight Lifting-I have never been into weight lifting and am pretty weak when it comes to that stuff.  I know that weight lifting is really important for a person to do and this year I really want to do it.  My husband bought this book about weight lifting that he had been following (he took a little hiatus over the holidays too) and he loved the program.  We got a “home gym” set-up with the weights and once we get a couple more things set-up and a schedule figured out (who will watch the kids and when will we work out) we will get started.  I am guessing that this will happen in a couple of weeks.  I am very excited to be weight lifting because I want to get some muscles!

2-Do P90X-A lot of my friends on Facebook all were writing about how they were starting the P90X system and that piqued my interest.  I have heard about it, but it always sounded too hardcore for me to do.  Well, after friends were writing about it I thought that I would check into it some more.  I did some googling and really got excited about it.  I know that I can do it!  My husband thought that I was crazy to jump into P90X without having exercised in over six months.  I told him that I wasn’t that crazy!  I know my limits and I first want to start getting into the groove of exercising before I tackle this monster!  I anticipate that I will start the program in February.  My two biggest concerns are finding time, as the workouts are an hour long (at least I think they are), and committing to three months of doing this.  I believe that you get one rest day a week.  I know that if I do this and am committed I should have some great results.

3-Start Running Again-I need to start doing this again.  The last time I really ran was last year when I completed a half marathon.  It wasn’t that bad, but for that I only trained for three weeks.  I am doing that same half marathon this year and I want to really start running way before the event is to take place.  I am not a huge fan of running and have never been really great at it, but I want to start doing it.  There is more on running in another one of my resolutions!

I also found this free bootcamp, on, that is offered near my house every Sunday.  I plan on going as much as I can because I can’t pass up a free bootcamp!  Plus, I went last week and it was really nice to get that jump start.  It wasn’t horribly bad, but I felt soreness in my muscles for about three days!  All of the people that went were super nice and I had fun too.

3-Do A PR in a Half Marathon-I really want to be able to run faster than what I do!  Usually, I complete my half marathons in 2.5 hours (12 min/mi), which isn’t all that fast.  If I can shave off two minutes from my average mile that would be awesome!  I think that it is very doable if I start running now (see above goal!).  When I was in top form a few years ago I ran my fastest half, which was just under 2.5 hours, but I know that I can improve on that.  My one big obstacle is my knee.  I don’t know why, but I have knee issues when I run.  It doesn’t start out bad, but gets worse and worse the more that I run and it makes it extremely uncomfortable to run.  I am getting some new shoes NB Minimus Running Shoes and I hope that those work for me and make my knee problem not so bad.  I have also found a cool site called Rock My Run which has these running playlists created by DJs.  The temps are very upbeat and great for running.  There are a lot of pop music songs and that is a huge turnoff for my husband, but I like the tracks.  I also got some running earbuds and a running sleeve to hold my iPhone when I run.  I am all set to go on this running journey!  I just now need to start doing it!

4-Read 24 books-This was my goal last year and I surpassed it, but I feel like I have a lot more planned for this year, so I want to keep it at two books a month.  This may sound like a lot for a person to read, but I LOVE reading!  If you are a bookworm like myself you need to check out the site Goodreads for tracking and logging the books that you have read or want to read.

5-Learn To Play the Piano-We just got a piano that was graciously donated from a friend and I want to be able to play it this year.  I got a book on how to teach yourself to play piano, but finding the time to play the piano has been the challenging part!  Whenever my husband or I are at the piano both of the boys want to come and play on the piano too, or they want to sit on our laps and play the piano, which doesn’t make learning conducive.  The best time for me to practice would be when the boys are sleeping, but then it is a catch 22 because I don’t want to play when they are sleeping because it will wake them up.  In the short amount of time that I have practiced I have learned what each key is on the piano and I am just now beginning to read music.  I hope by the end of the year I will be able to play a few songs and I will know how to read music!

6-Go Flying With My Husband-My husband got his private pilot’s license and can fly single engine planes and I need to get over my fear of flying and go with him!  I have never flown in a small airplane and everyone that has, has told me that you feel so much more up in small airplanes and it is a lot scarier than a big jet.  When I have to fly in big commercial jets I’m a bit of a mess and get so anxious and nervous about it.  I’ve really only ever experienced bad turbulence a few times and I know that I have a much greater risk of getting in a car accident then an airplane accident, but flying stresses me out.  It would be awesome if I actually enjoyed flying in a small aircraft!

7-Home Improvement Projects-here is what I would like done this year (some stuff we would hire some people to do the work):

-Paint the walls in our whole house!  First, I have to figure out what to paint them!

-Put in the wood flooring in three of our rooms

-Add in trim wherever it needs to be

-Make a mud oven.  My husband is in the process of drinking some beer so that we can use the bottles for it 🙂

-Make our back room (a small addition built by the previous owners) into my craft room

-Build outdoor furniture (mostly just a couch)

-Purge our house from items that we do not use or do not need!

-Do something about our backyard

8-Do A Better Job With My Garden-Last year I sort of got it going a little bit, but there was too much going on with a baby and a toddler.  This year I think that it will be easier since the boys are both a bit more manageable and are excellent at playing by themselves.  I also started my garden a little late last year and this year I want to start earlier and hopefully start some of my plants from seeds instead of buying them already grown.

9-Keep Up With My Blogs-This will probably be the hardest one of all!  If you follow my blogs you will see that I have a hard time keeping up with them.  It isn’t that I don’t want to, but I just have the blogs lower on my priority list and I need to make it higher.  I used to keep a journal, but stopped once I had my second son.  It is nice to have that record of what was going on in my life and now especially in my sons’ lives.  I really want to update my family blog once a week or more often.  For my 30 Day blog I want to do at least five 30 day challenges.  This blog I would like to update at least every quarter!  Not too hard, but we’ll see how I do!

Happy New Year!

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