Update On My Resolutions

*Updated 1/1/13 for a second time (all in bold italics)

It doesn’t look like I am doing too well on my resolutions and it is already the middle of August and I am once again wondering where the time went.  I feel like I have been doing a lot and more than what I had planned at the beginning of the year.  Below is a recap of where everything stands for my resolutions :).

1. Eating Better

Well, at the beginning of the year I was doing really well.  I was tracking what I ate  and doing a good job with keeping up in My Fitness Pal, but then events started happening.  It was our anniversary, then it was my oldest’s birthday, then it was birthday parties, then we were out of town.  The excuses just kept coming and coming.  Since the weight wasn’t coming on very fast I wasn’t too worried about it.  I got a serious sweet tooth addiction and that is the toughest one.  Now that I am back from vacation I decided that I am going to start eating better.  Since April I have gained four pounds and I need to lose those plus a couple of extra.  I will start tracking what I eat again.  I will try and stay around the 1200-1500 calorie range.  I’ve also decided that for the week I will be planning out all of my meals, snacks included, so that when it is time to eat there will be no question as to what I will eat.  Usually, I will find some chips to snack on.  I want to try and eat a lot more veggies and fruit!  I also want to try and eat very little of the processed food.  If I can make it, I will try.  My sister-in-law also was telling my husband and I about how bad wheat is for you and how some additive is added to it to make a person want to eat more of it (thank you fast food industry!), so I want to try and stay away from that and try gluten free foods.

*The end of the year ALWAYS gets to me.  The yummy delicious food that is oh so bad for you!  Then there is my sweet tooth again.  Anyway, I got down to about 110 pounds, which was an ideal weight for me and I managed to gain almost 9 lbs back.  I’m still below my starting weight of 2012, which I guess is a plus.

2. Exercising

  1. Weight Lifting- I haven’t started this yet and right now our garage is a disaster and that is where our weight lifting rig is set-up…. Nope, never happened 😦
  2. P90X-I haven’t started this yet either.  I wanted to get stronger before I started this program, but that really never happened.  I don’t see it happening soon either.  Maybe, in a few months? *This never happened either
  3. Running-THIS DID HAPPEN!  I did start running and really trained for the 1/2 marathon that I did.  I ran about three times a week and was doing really well.  Of course, I haven’t run since I did the 1/2 marathon, but that is because of being in vacation mode, a bum knee, and now it is sweltering outside in the summer heat.  *After the 1/2 I only ran once more and I was so out of shape and suffering from a cold that it felt miserable.  

3.  PR a 1/2 Marathon

I did this one too!  I ran the Napa to Sonoma 1/2 Marathon in 2:23!  My fastest time was previously 2:25, so that was pretty awesome!  I don’t feel like I could have gone much faster then what I did on the course.  I have also decided that I will not do this race in the future.  It really screwed up my knees!  The roads were slanted a lot and there were not a lot of flat spots and that really messed up my knee.  Towards the end I was in a lot of pain and just pushed through it to finish the race.  I couldn’t walk for about two days afterwards.  I need to find a race that has a flat course and then I can probably do an even better PR!  I’m thinking the Santa Barbara 1/2 in November?

4.  Read 24 Books

Right now I am reading book #13 out of the 24.  I am behind on my two books a month, but hopefully I can somehow catch-up.  I took on too much this year and reading has fell to the wayside :(.

*I was on track to not read the 24 books, but I ended up doing this and finishing on 12/31!  Luckily, I got some good easy books at the end and there was vacation which allowed me to read more.

5.  Learn to Play the Piano

Same thing with the piano.  I haven’t had any time to practice.  When Christopher or myself would try and play the boys would want to join in and the practicing became futile.  Then when the boys were asleep we didn’t want to play the piano because we didn’t want to wake them up.  I was thinking about taking some lessons for me, but I don’t know if that is in the cards for this year.

*Never did this 😦  

6.  Go Flying With My Husband

I did this one!  We took a quick trip around the Valley.  It wasn’t that bad.  There was some turbulence, which I didn’t care for and I was holding on tightly to the door handle.  It was very interesting seeing where we live via the air.  I only have been with him once, but we do need to plan another trip and a longer one.

7.  Home Improvements

  1. Paint Walls-haven’t done this yet.  I need to get a couple of quotes.  Two rooms definitely need a professional to do them.  I might be able to do the bathrooms, but I think we need someone to do them.  Ca-ching! *Never did this
  2. Put In Wood Flooring-This has been done!
  3. Add In Trim-Most of this has been done.  Just a few more places need it, but very minimal
  4. Mud Oven-We have put a hold on this because we are getting our backyard redone, so we don’t want to add anything that could be taken down.
  5. Build Outdoor Furniture-We ended up buying a nice couch from Costco.  We didn’t have the time to build it.
  6. Purge Our House-We are doing this slowly, but surely.
  7. Backyard-We had someone come and take a look at our backyard and it is going to be remodeled a little bit.  Since we don’t want to stay in this house in the long-term it was suggested that we make minimal changes that will still make it look nice.  We are still waiting for them to start and I can’t wait!  *This was going to cost more than we expected & we just didn’t get around to actually starting this

8.  Better Job with my Garden-This didn’t happen.  I got so busy again and never got around to planting anything.  A tomato and acorn squash plant flowered from random seeds and that was it.  Then when the Landscaper came by he said that we should get rid of our planter boxes.  I moved a few to the front of the house and we started a little garden.  It actually is working well for us right now.  I just planted the stuff two weeks ago, so we don’t have anything yet.  Next year once everything is done in our backyard and my youngest doesn’t destroy the plants I should have a better garden.  In the meantime we have a friend that has an awesome garden and we get goodies from hers!

9.  Keep Up With My Blogs-FAIL!  I should be on post three for this blog, but it is only post 2.  My family blog I was doing really well at posting weekly and then I had to upload a video and since I didn’t know how to do that at the time everything got really behind.  I have also only done one 30 day challenge and that means I would have to do four more and that would be doing one per month until the end of the year and I just don’t think I could do it.  Maybe one more?

Why have I not succeeded in keeping up with my goals?  Well, life happens and other stuff pops up that takes priority.  I’ve also discovered that I like volunteering!  Well, I like having something to do where I can use my brain and is like work.  I started volunteering for  a moms group and I oversee some chapters.  I am also President of my chapter and that requires a lot of work.  Then I just started volunteering at an animal shelter, which I am really looking forward to being a part of.  Oh, and I adopted a new dog.  That makes our total animal count 11!  11 pets, two kids, lots of housework, and everything else makes the days and months fly by.

*I never did update my blogs how I wanted to 😦



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