My Morning Poop

The title of this blog post seems like it would be a funny title for a blog or website…now I have to go check to see if it is taken…It’s available if you are interested!  To get back to this post.  It is going to be too much information but I thought that it was kind of funny and it has some good information that I wanted to pass along.

This morning I was going poop.  I had my phone with me because I usually check Facebook or email while I am pooping.  While I am doing my business my mom calls.  We’ve both talked while being on the shitter so no biggie.  I start talking to her and she is telling my that one of the teachers that was at the school I went to and a family friend of my dad’s family passed away today from cancer.  We’re talking and my oldest son comes in and says, “Mom, what are you doing?”  It seemed pretty obvious what I was doing, but I answered, “I’m pooping and can you please leave?”  Since he is a kid he didn’t leave.  I asked him again to please leave.  My mom then says, “What did you say you are doing?”  “I’m pooping mom.”  “Okay, well I’ll let you go.”  I say thanks and hang up.  I wipe and bring the toilet paper towards the front of me and I see brownish reddish color that looks like blood.  I immediately go into panic mode and start wondering what the heck is going on.  Right about this time my son finally leaves, which is surprising because sometimes he wants to see my poop.

If you have read my anxiety post you will know that I freak out about stuff easily.  The first thing I think about is cancer.  Both of my paternal grandparents died from colon cancer and my dad died from an unknown cancer, but it could have started in the colon and we just never found out.  My mind immediately goes to me thinking that I could have cancer.  I finish wiping and turn around to look into the bowl and there is my poop in a pool of red!!!  Now I’m really starting to wonder what is going on.  I’m trying to think if I have a hemorrhoid and it is bleeding from that, but it doesn’t seem likely.  I get a bunch of toilet paper and put it in the toilet and roll around my poop so that I can see if I can tell where the red is coming from; is it coming from my poop or is it on the outside of my poop?  It starts rolling and I see that the red around it is starting to get this purplish hue to it.  Then it dawns on me!  I wonder if it could be from the beets that I ate yesterday?

I flush, wash my hands, and run out to my computer.  I Google “do beets color your poop red.”  I go to this site and it says:

Before you search for a recipe with red beets, be aware that they can leave behind a shocking surprise in your toilet bowl — a vibrant red color to your stool strongly resembling blood.

Phew, it was only the beets!  I have never been a big fan of the taste of beets, but I recently had a sample at Costco and it was good.  I figured that I could spiralize some for a meal and that is what I did for lunch.  The meal was tasty and it turned all of it this pretty maroon color.  Anyway, I felt relieved!  I told my husband and we were both laughing.  Of course, since I have to convince myself 100% that it was the beets I had to look at some more articles.  This website had the following Elimination Test you could do to check on your colon health.


Besides checking for the physical signs of a healthy colon every time you eliminate, you can monitor your elimination time (how long it takes food to be digested and excreted) to evaluate your colon health.

The easiest way to test your elimination time is to prepare beets. Their red pigment is so strong that it colors your stools, and you will know how long your body took to process them.

  1. Prepare fresh beets (we prefer fermenting them, since unfermented beets are too sweet and can feed candida) to eat. Make sure you eat the whole vegetable and not just the juice because it travels through your system very quickly.
  2. When you eat the beets, make note of the time and day.
  3. Look at your stools until you notice the red pigment from the beets. Ideally this will be 18 to 24 hours after you first ate them.

Anyway, it was information that I didn’t know about.  I kind of also don’t want to eat beets anymore because I don’t like to be freaked out that I’m bleeding from my butt!  I know myself and I know that if I eat beets again I will forget that I ate them the next day when I am pooping and I will proceed to start panicking.


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